Cold-emailing TechCrunch is not a marketing plan

Introducing Hacking PR: A guide for bootstrapped startups.


Most startups fire off email after email to the press, and when they don't get a response, they shrug their shoulders and blame the media.

Why? Most startups don't understand how the media works. But you're not most startups.

Don't waste months learning by trial and error

Learn from the other side how to best build meaningful relationships with the media for the rest of your career while propelling your company to new heights. Save hours of frustration and burned bridges from bad pitches and give your product the respect it deserves.

What You'll Learn

  • Exact language to use in your email pitch to ensure you get coverage.
  • A two-step formula for nailing any press interview.
  • More than just "tips" but long-term strategies for building relationships with the press.
  • The 10-step checklist to ensure your credibility is established when the media sees your product.
  • A journalist's most common reservations when covering a startup, and how you can squash them.
  • How to play the long term game and outgrow the need for any media coverage.
  • ...and much more
  • This ebook doesn't contain any unnecessary fluff, just the actionable information that you need today. Learn from the hundreds of startups, journalists, and entrepreneurs I've talked to in my career and change the way you push new products for the rest of your startup's life.

    Hit the Ground Running

    Even smaller PR firms can charge around $3,000 a month (not to mention costly retainers for larger launches). For a fraction of that, you can do it yourself and put your money where it belongs: into your product. Hacking PR gives you a crash course in crafting your own relationships with the press by building authentic long-lasting relationships and standing above the hundreds of pitches journalists get every day.

    What You'll Get


    Featured interviews:

    All Interviews are included as podcasts that come FREE with purchase of the book

    Robert J. Moore
    Robert J. Moore
    Founder, RJ Metrics
    How to get a guest post on TechCrunch

    Rick Turoczy
    Rick Turoczy
    Silicon Florist / P.I.E
    Building a solid pitch for journalists

    Robert J. Moore Leo Widrich
    Founder, Buffer
    How to build a killer company blog

    "This is the guide both tech reporters and P.R. folks have long needed, whether they knew it or not. Hacking PR is smart, brutally honest, nuanced and thorough. If you run a startup - or are thinking of launching one - you need this book."

    - John Paul Titlow, Read Write Web

    "Hacking PR is right next to 'Lean Startup' on the required reading list for entrepreneurs."

    - Danny Schreiber, Silicon Prarie News

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    About The Author

    Sean Blanda

    Sean Blanda is the associate editor and producer at Behance in NYC where he is dedicated to helping creatives and entrepreneurs succeeed. Previously he was the co-founder of Technically Philly in Philadelphia where he interviewed hundreds of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. He is also one of the cofounders of Philly Tech Week.

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