Oct 6th, 2008 @ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Introducing my new podcast and blog: We Don’t Speak the Language

If everything goes as planned, when this post is published I will be somewhere between London and Amsterdam on the beginning of a two month-ish trek through Europe.

Like good the good media nerds we are, my fellow Temple graduate and ex Temple-Newser Christopher Wink and I will be producing a video podcast and writing blog entries along the way.  The result is WeDontSpeaktheLanguage.com.

Ever wondered how to get a passport in less than 24 hours?  Want to know how much the average day in London costs? Or maybe you want to know what do the French really think of Americans.  All of this and more will be covered.


The goal is not so much to document the trip, but to discover and share travel tips with other young budget travelers.  As a side project, we’d like to document the perceptions of America while abroad.  And given the upcoming election, this should be a good time to do so.

We also wanted to become a resource for anyone mulling any sort of long term travel.  There are already many great Web sites featuring this information, but most are told through personal anecdotes.  With some luck we hope do put those journalism degree to good work and interview some travelers and locals about their journey and community, respectively.  Although as noted in the title, we don’t speak any other languages other than English.  Presumably we will get really good at interviewing via hand gesture.

If you’re like me you’re thinking “Oh great two more college kids backpacking through Europe”.  Trust me, we know that this adventure is a well worn path.  But we failed to find many travel video podcasts that weren’t meant for older, more vacation oriented travelers.  Also, as wannabe travel writers we are hoping to add some work for our portfolio.

What we hope to learn

Speaking of portfolios, there is also a selfish aspect to the project.  We feel that if we can produce a watchable podcast with just a point and shoot camera and and old laptop we can handle the new media production that today’s journalists are expected to know.  Ideally we would return with dozens of videos to show to perspective employers.

Until then, I will not be posting here.  If your curious to what I am up to, be sure to subscribe to WDSTL!

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