Jan 29th, 2013 @ Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Introducing Hacking PR: A complete guide to PR for bootstrapped startups (+ a code for 33% off!)

Hacking PR book coverNearly a year ago I wrote a post offering my advice to startups approaching the media. It quickly hit the front page of Hacker News and I got a ton of requests for a more detailed guide. After hundreds of hours writing and dozens of interviews, that guide is now here.

It’s a 41-page ebook titled “Hacking PR: A complete guide to PR for bootstrapped startups.” You can see the sales page here and buy it directly here (use the code “SBBLOG” for 33% off). As a bonus, the book comes with three audio interviews with Buffer’s Leo Widrich, Silicon Florist’s Rick Turoczy, and RJ Meterics’ Robert Moore.

“Hacking PR” isn’t meant for funded startups or grizzled vets with a handful of launches under their belts. It’s meant for the first-timers, those who have never interacted with the media before. It’s meant to level the playing field and help interesting startups get the coverage they deserve by building authentic relationships with the media.

Startups can waste hours and burn bridges with sub par (and often awkward) pitches, or they can read a 40-page book and be ahead of nearly all the startups I saw pitch me.

Things covered in the book:

  • Exact language to use in your email pitch to ensure you get coverage.
  • A two-step formula for nailing any interview with the press.
  • More than just “tips” but long-term strategies for building relationships with the press.
  • The 10-step checklist to ensure your credibility is established when the media sees your product.
  • A journalist’s most common reservations when covering a startup, and how you can squash them.
  • How to play the long-term game and outgrow the need for any media coverage.

You can buy the book now by visiting the sales page. Use the code “SBBLOG” to get 33% off. I hope you like it!

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