Hi! I’m Sean Blanda. I build editorial products that serve communities.

Current focus: Taking some time to figure out my next big thing.

My last project: Running 99U, the “think-tank” of Behance. 99U’s yearly conference, quarterly magazine, and website that are all dedicated to empowering the creative community. There, I'd speak and write mostly about the future of the career and profile serial idea executors like Tristan Walker and Fred Seibert as well as artists like Molly Crabapple.

I was born in South Jersey, lived in Philadelphia for seven years, and have resided in New York City since late 2012. I care way too much about Philadelphia sports, drink way too much Coca-Cola, and eat way too much Mexican food. Independence Day is the best holiday and Will Smith movie, Hotel Yorba by The White Stripes is the best song ever made, the state of Colorado has the best flag.

Other projects

  • I’m one of the co-founders of Technical.ly, a network of local tech news sites based out of Philadelphia.
  • I’m the founder of BarCamp NewsInnovation (BCNI) a journalism-focused unconference that takes place yearly in Philadelphia.
  • I wrote Hacking PR, a small ebook to help bootstrapped entrepreneurs pitch the media.

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